Who we are

Safe side is a newly established Lebanese Non-Governmental Organization registered under Society Act that has been carrying forward its mission in the past few months.
The mother region of the NGO is Baalbak and it is mostly composed and directed towards the people of Baalbak.

Our Mission

Safe side mission derives from its name “safe” , in other words converting Baalbak, the historical and iconic city of Lebanon to a safer place. That’s why conflict resolutions is considered one of our primary goals that we seek to achieve in Baalbak, which reduces the number of victims that fall down yearly as a result of a strayed bullet or unregulated use of weapons.

In addition to that our NGO aims to empower youth by providing them with literacy, education and awareness programs to create better health. We are working to provide the underprivileged of the society with equal opportunities of learning in the formative years of their lives in addition to engaging students of public and private schools in various health education initiatives.

Believing that the real change has to come in an ascendant way, Safe Side bases its work on the concepts of environmental and human sustainable development through the mobilization and participation of the local communities in every step of our way.
Considering youth as the key change agents, we focuse on empowering youth, providing them with more awareness, knowledge and know-how to better reach and implement the desired change.