Intellectual Activities

Direct attacks on illiteracy take two main forms: adult education and the establishment of public schools with compulsory attendance for children. Since we are not able yet to establish schools our main focus now is on adults and helping them overcome illiteracy. Safe Side is organizing a variety of programs to help old people of… Details

Social Activities

Baalbak the city of happiness, optimism, and coexistence. And for Safe Side to preserve those characteristics and enrich them more and more we utilizes every single event. This year Christmas was different in town, where people of the city got together to celebrate and lift the Christmas tree. Hand by hand the youth of Baalbak… Details

Conflict Resolutions

We at Safe Side offers training courses on how to use hunting weapons in an appropriate way, in order not to lose more victims as the result of unsafe usage of hunting weapons. We've got specialized experts to accomplish this mission, so feel comfortable to attend our classes.One of Safe Side main goals is spreading… Details

Environmental Activities

Ras al-ain is placed at some eight hundred meters southeast from the temples of Jupiter, Bacchus, Venus, and the Muses. Near the shallow pool once stood a nymphaeum, a temple, and a small building with columns. The water of this source was used in the above-mentioned temples, and also refreshed the town of Baalbek. In… Details