Ras al-ain is placed at some eight hundred meters southeast from the temples of Jupiter, Bacchus, Venus, and the Muses.
Near the shallow pool once stood a nymphaeum, a temple, and a small building with columns. The water of this source was used in the above-mentioned temples, and also refreshed the town of Baalbek. In the recent years, the pools water is withdrawn and selled by water vendors.
And since preserving Baalbak environment is one of our priorities, we organized a two consecutive demonstrations refusing the happening violations and asking for alternatives.
Those demonstrations will not stop before achieving our demands.
Going back to «green space» and trees in Lebanon. This time, not a matter of slash and burn, and the invasion of cement or stone quarries and crushers of forests and orchards, we at Safe Side insists on bringing back green Baalbak by Afforestation campaigns lead by our youthful spirits.